Alla Pugachova. The Best Songs

David Tukhmanov. Serdtse lyubit’ dolzhno

David Tukhmanov. Vechnoe dvizhenie

Filipp Kirkorov. Grand Collection (2 CD)

Grand Collection. Sinyaya Ptica

Grand Collection. Valeri Leontiev

Greatest Soviet Hits. Glavnoe Rebyata Serdcem Ne Staret

Laima Vaikule. Selected

Pesnya Goda 1971-1990 (20 CD Set)

Raimond Pauls. The Best Songs

  Raimond Pauls is the perfect example of a composer whose music is pleasant to listen by people of all ages. His melodies are full of harmony, individual character, style - really cool. You would never get tired of his songs - real pieces of art. Raimond Pauls has always been, and still is ahead in time of any composer in the former Soviet Union states.


The Best Songs From Soviet Movies

The well-known songs from the well-known films

Valerij Syutkin & Gruppa Bravo. Moskovskij Bit

Veseliye Rebyata