20 Gold Hits of Russian Folk Songs

Baba Yaga

Balalaika Ensemble ‘Wolga’ . Best of Russian Folk Songs

Dmitri Hvorostovski. Kalinka: Russian Folk Songs

Evenings at the Hamlet Next to Dikanka - Musical - (Russian with English Subtitles)

Ivan Kupala. The Best Songs of 1996 - 2003

Kalinka: Popular Russian Songs

Linda. Tantsy tibetskikh lam

Linda. Vorona

Moscow Male Choir Conducted by Valery Rybin. Russian Bohemia

  Some of Russia s greatest musicians are brought together in this magical 54min performance that spans two continents. Russian Bohemia is a moving and passionate journey through this vast, culturally diverse country. Its music tradition dates back thousands of years and carries with it a very gripping drama that engulfs its people, its history and its landscape. These performances include selections from the Moscow Male Choir conducted by Valery Rybin, violinist protégé Egor Gzechishnikov and the Kremlin Capella, amongst others. Filmed in Russia in some previously restricted locations including inside the Kremlin; and in Australia at the St Paul’s Cathederal and Melbourne Zoo’s Butterfly House, Russian Bohemia is a sweeping look at a nation which constantly gives the rest of the world some of its finest artists and musicians

Pelageya. The Best Songs

Russia’s Most Beautiful Songs (by the Optina Pustyn Male Choir)

Soviet Army Chorus & Band

The Unique Russian Folk Ensemble: Style of Five

Theodore Bikel. Songs of Russia Old & New/Songs of a Russian Gypsy

  Bikel took folk singing a step further, and even not understanding all the words, it has a good intro to the Russian “soul”, from Ivan the Terrible to Putin.