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”  Viktor Tsoy, the lead singer, wasn’t the best vocalist of all time, nor were the rest of ““Kino”” guitar, keys or drums virtuosos. Nevertheless, ““Kino”” managed to become one of the most influential rock bands Russia has ever had. It’s not at all hard to find their followers in any apartment block in any Russian city today, whether young or old. A myriad walls are covered with lyrics from their songs and the portraits of band members. Memorable (yet so simple that almost every teenager who takes up guitar starts out with ““Kino”” songs) leitmotivs, piercing lyrics, and Tsoy’s raw, at first glance monotonous but at second moving vocals - these things altogether made the group so popular. ““Kino”” had a good sense of humour as well as rather nostalgic moods.
  Tsoy sounds as if he is close to collapsing and is only kept awake by the need to tell a story. The beats are bouncy at times, but those times are few and rare, and the lyrics are always ice, raw earth and grief.
  If you want an album to listen to when you’re feeling meditative or nostalgic, and maybe with the need to sort out your thoughts and relax, this is definitely the right choice. Viktor Tsoy soothes the ear and calms ( or clenches) the heart. “

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