Basic Rules of Russian Pronunciation

Knowing the Russian alphabet is not enough yet to read Russian words and texts. First you have to learn some rules of pronunciation. Our narrated video lessons will help you learn them quickly and easily. Each rule is presented in detail and provided with examples, transcriptions and narrations by a native speaker.

Ordinary Life in Russia

Random Russian Idiom

ДО СЕДЬМОГО ПОТА работать, трудиться и т.д.


  • (more often in refer, to physical labor) (to work) until one is extremely tired, fatigued: work oneself into the ground (lather)
  • sweat one’s guts out working
  • to the point of collapse
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Random Russian Word


[lituchija mysh]


Basic Russian words with pronunciation
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Russian Piece of Music

Rachmaninov - Piano concerto n.2, I. Moderato (part1)
This text will be replaced
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Random Russian Joke

Суд оправдал киллера, так как, согласно алиби, он в это время был в другом месте и убивал другого человека.

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