Basic Rules of Russian Pronunciation

Pronunciation Rules

Knowing the Russian alphabet is not enough yet to read Russian words and texts. First you have to learn some rules of pronunciation. Our narrated video lessons will help you learn them quickly and easily. Each rule is presented in detail and provided with examples, transcriptions and narrations by a native speaker.

Ordinary Life in Russia

Random Russian Idiom


  • (to do something, something happens) repeatedly, each instance being followed by another (often with the action becoming more intense with each repetition): over and over (again)
  • again and (yet) again
  • time and (time) again
  • more and more
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Random Russian Word




Russian pronunciation rules
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Russian Piece of Music

Uma2rmaN - “Ума Турман”
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Random Russian Joke

Президенту России звонят из компании ““Cola-Cola”“:
- Не согласитесь ли Вы заменить ваш трёхцветный флаг на красный, а в правом верхнем углу поместить значок ““Coca-Cola”“?
Президент, прикрывая трубку рукой, спрашивает у премьер-министра:
- Когда там у нас контракт с ““Aquafresh”” заканчивается?

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