Basic Rules of Russian Pronunciation

Rule #10

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Random Russian Idiom


(coll., human)

    • (от чего) to lose one’s poise, common sense, not know how to act (in difficult situation): lose one’s head (sense)
    • to panick
    • to go to pieces
    • (от чего) to become conceited, get a false sense of one’s own importance, abilities etc., usually from praise, success etc. : go to one’s head
    • have (get) a swelled head
    • be (become) giddy (with success)
    • (от кого) to fall passionately in love with someone, become completely infatuated with someone: (completely) lose one’s head (over…)
    • fall head over heels in love (with someone)
    • fall hard for someone
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Random Russian Word




doctor, physician

  • врач-специалист – medical officer
  • вызвать врача – to call the doctor
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Russian Piece of Music

Лидия Клемент - “Дождь на Неве”
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Random Russian Joke

Очень толстая пациентка спрашивает у врача:
- Скажите, доктор, какие упражнения полезны для похудения?
- Я рекомендую Вам поворачивать голову справа налево и слева направо, – ответил он.
- Как часто?
- Всякий раз, когда Вас угощают.

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