Basic Rules of Russian Pronunciation

Rule #10

Ordinary Life in Russia

Random Russian Idiom


(coll., often condes or disapprov.)

  • someone is naive, inexperienced in something, lacking in seriousness because of his youth (said condescendingly when a person’s behavior or words make his youth or inexperience obvious
  • also said to excuse youth’s desire for fun): (when) you’re young
  • you’re green
  • someone is too young to know any better
  • one is young and green
  • one has a lot to learn!
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10 Russian language rules
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Russian Piece of Music

Маша и Медведи - “Земля”
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Random Russian Joke

- Доктор, я постоянно разговариваю сам с собой.
- Вы мешаете домашним?
- Нет, я живу один.
- Так и разговаривайте себе на здоровье.
- Да, но я такой зануда....

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