Basic Rules of Russian Pronunciation

Rule #4

Ordinary Life in Russia

Random Russian Idiom


(coll., sing. only)

  • the most someone thinks that something is worth, the highest price that someone would be willing to pay for something: оutside price
  • maximum price
  • top (the best) price (dollar)

Эти туфли не стоят таких денег, им красная цена - 200 рублей. - These shoes arent worth such money, their maximum price must be 200 roubles.

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Random Russian Word



masculine, plural - локти


  • по локоть в (чём-то) – up to one's elbows in (smth)
  • локти (себе) кусать – to kick oneself
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Russian Piece of Music

Фабрика feat. Arash - “Али-Баба”
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Random Russian Joke

Вовочка подглядывает за родителями в замочную скважину и думает:
“Да, и эти люди запрещают мне ковырять в носу.”

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