Basic Rules of Russian Pronunciation

Rule #6

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  • within the strict boundaries of what is assigned (usually used sarcastically with the implication that by doing so one demonstrates a lack of initiative, intellectual curiosity etc.): from here to here (there)
  • within precise limits
  • within a limited range
  • never beyond a definite scope
  • from point A to point B (and no further)
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Six rules of pronunciation
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Russian Piece of Music

Ани Лорак - “А дальше”
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Random Russian Joke

На таможне:
- Откройте свой чемодан.
Мужик открывает чемодан, а там порошок. Таможенник пробует на вкус:
- Да это же героин!
- Ну да.
- А почему жёлтого цвета?
- Теперь и банановый!

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