Basic Rules of Russian Pronunciation

Rule #6

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Random Russian Idiom


(coll., human; the verb can take the final position)

  • to treat someone severely, be unduly strict with someone etc. (may refer. to forcing someone to work excessively, providing a dependent person with only minimal subsistence, depriving someone pleasure, treating someone as greatly inferior to oneself etc.: ill-treat, maltreat
  • be very hard on someone
  • to treat shabbily
  • to make one’s life miserable
  • to keep on short rations
  • to hold someone down
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Random Russian Word


[staryj] – старее

old; ancient, antique

  • по старой памяти – for old times' sake; by force of habit
  • старая дева – old maid, spinster
  • Cтарый Свет – the Old World
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Russian Piece of Music

Mussorgsky - Pictures at an Exhibition: Promenade (part 1)
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Random Russian Joke

Прапорщик смотрит в зеркало, закрыв погоны руками:
- Вот так – дурак дураком...
Убирает руки с погон:
- А вот так – старший прапорщик!

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