Basic Rules of Russian Pronunciation

Rule #6

Ordinary Life in Russia

Random Russian Idiom



  • let’s return to the main topic of our conversation ( used as a request to the interlocutor not to digress from the main topic
  • also used by the speaker to indicate a return to the main topic): let’s return to our rams
  • let’s get back to the subject at hand
  • let’s return to the question at hand
  • let’s get back to the point at issue
  • let’s get back on track < Loan translation of the French revenons a ces moutons or retournons a nos moutons (“let’s return to our sheep”), from the medieval farce Maistre Pierre Pathelin.
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Random Russian Word





  • быть при деньгах – to have money, to be rich
  • бросать деньги на ветер – to waste money
  • денег куры не клюют – to roll in money
  • грести деньги лопатой – to rake in the shekels
  • ни за какие деньги – at any price, not for all the tea in China
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Russian Piece of Music

Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov - Glory!
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Random Russian Joke

Разговаривают две подружки:
- Слушай, а настоящие мужчины сейчас вообще встречаются?
- Встречаются, но всё чаще друг с другом.

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