Basic Rules of Russian Pronunciation

Rule #6

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Random Russian Idiom


(formula phrase)

  • good wishes to someone who is embarking on a sea voyage (usually to sailors setting out to sea)
  • smooth sailing!
  • bon voyage!
  • sail free!
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Random Russian Word


[hudoj] – худее

thin, skinny; bad

  • худой как спичка – thin as a rake
  • худая слава – ill fame
  • Eму стало совсем худо – He’s been feeling really bad
  • на худой конец – if the worst comes; at worst
Six rules of pronunciation
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Russian Piece of Music

ВИА Сливки - “Хватит”
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Random Russian Joke

Просыпается муравей под танком и думает:
- Чего только спьяну не притащишь!

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