Basic Rules of Russian Pronunciation

Rule #6

Ordinary Life in Russia

Random Russian Idiom



    • one keeps silent, does not say anything: not a word
    • be quiet
    • keep it dark
    • mum’s the word!
    • don’t let it go any farther
    • there isn’t a peep (a sound, a word) from (out of) someone or something
    • от кого, откуда there has been no news, letter, response from some person or organization: there hasn’t been a (any) word from …
    • кому о ком-чeм keep mum
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Six rules of pronunciation
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Russian Piece of Music

Дискотека Авария - “Яйца”
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Random Russian Joke

Доктор спрашивает пациента:
- Скажите, Вас мучают эротические сны?
- Ну почему сразу “мучают”?

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