Colloquial Russian 2: The Next Step in Language Learning

  Do you know Russian already and want to go a stage further? If you’re planning a visit to Russia, need to brush up your Italian for work, or are simply doing a course, “Colloquial Russian 2” is the ideal way to refresh your knowledge of the language and to extend your skills. “Colloquial Russian 2” is designed to help those involved in self-study; structured to give you the opportunity to listen to and read lots of modern, everyday Russian, it has also been developed to work systematically on reinforcing and extending your grasp of Russian grammar and vocabulary. Key features of “Colloquial Russian 2” include: 
  * Revision material to help consolidate and build up your basics; 
  * A wide range of contemporary authentic documents, both written and audio.
  * Lots of spoken and written exercises in each unit; 
  * Highlighted key structures and phrases, a Grammar reference and detailed answer keys; 
  * A broad range of situations, focusing on day to day life in Russia.
  This pack contains the course book 120 minutes of audio material, provided on CDs. Recorded by native speakers, this material will help you perfect your pronunciation and listening skills.

Colloquial Russian: The Complete Course For Beginners

  “Colloquial Russian” is easy to use and completely up to date! Specially written by experienced teachers for self-study or class use, the course offers you a step-by step approach to written and spoken Russian. No prior knowledge of the language is required.
  What makes this new edition of “Colloquial Russian” your best choice in personal language learning? 1) Interactive - lots of dialogues and exercises for regular practice; 2) Clear - concise grammar notes; 3) Practical - useful vocabulary and pronunciation guide;  4) Complete - including answer key and special reference section. Whether you’re a business traveller, or about to take up a daring challenge in adventure tourism; you may be studying to teach or even looking forward to a holiday - if you’d like to get up and running with Russian, this rewarding course will take you from complete beginner to confidently putting your language skills to use in a wide range of everyday situations.
  This pack contains the book and 120 minutes of audio material recorded on CDs. These complement the book and will help you with your pronunciation and listening skills.

Conversational Russian: In 20 Lessons (Cortina Method)

- Guide to pronunciation: simple phonetics based on English spelling
- 20 conversational lessons: useful vocabularies; interesting conversations with pronunciation and helpful footnotes
- Cultural information: panorama of Russian life and literature
- Complete reference grammar: clear explanations of rules of grammar and structure of the language
- Bilingual dictionary: all useful words you need to know
  Special offer:
- High quality sound
- Compact and portable
- Useful conversations
- Easy to use at home, in your car, or wherever you go.

Conversational Russian: Learn to Speak and Understand Russian with Pimsleur Language Programs

  The 16-lesson (8 CDs) Conversational Course gives customers the first half of the incredibly effective and efficient, world-famous Pimsleur Comprehensive Program. Customers will love the experience of acquiring the essential grammar and vocabulary of Russian during the spoken practice sessions. It is this ease of language acquisition that makes the full Comprehensive Pimsleur Program so popular and successful for adult language learners.

Teach Yourself Russian Conversation (3CDs Guide)

  A lively, practical way to develop and improve basic foreign language skills. This new, audio-based language series from Teach Yourself is an entertaining, nonintimidating way for beginners to build conversational proficiency.
  Each course covers 10 key situations - from greetings and buying food and drink to shopping, asking for directions, and visiting locals - and includes two conversations per topic. The explanations and instructions are simple and bite-size, making this a very accessible program. Each audiopackage: builds confidence through a variety of listening exercises, from repetition of foreign language prompts to replying to English prompts Covers structures, useful phrases, and strategies for holding two-way conversations Lets learners assess their progress with specific objectives and review sections Includes a 48-page guide with key words and conversations in written form for reference.