Garri Potter i filosofskii kamen / Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (Russian Edition)

  The Russian edition of the famous bestseller of J.K.Rowling. It is everything it is reputed to be - fast-paced, witty, absorbing, full of touching moments while not afraid to look at the more disturbing sides of early adolescence (bullying, the fear of a hostile adult world).
  Apart from remaining a great book, the Russian translation of it is very accessible and enjoyable. Non-Russian speakers will be impressed by how fluid and natural the prose seems.

Garri Potter i tainaia komnata/Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Russian Edition)

  The Russian translation of Harry Potter’s adventures during his second year at Hogwarts.
  It’s surprisingly effective if you’re an advanced Russian speaker looking to improve. This translation is repetitive with vocabulary, allowing someone working on their language to improve it. It’s challenging in a good way for a non-native speaker to understand what was going on for most of the book.

Garri Potter i uznik Azkabana (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Russian Edition)

  The third book in the Harry Potter series now available in a Russian translation. Being extremely well translated, it keeps much of the flair of the original while flowing naturally in Russian. An enjoyable read, sure not to disappoint those who loved the series in English.