Barron’s Traveler’s Language Guide - Russian

  Find the right words and phrases for all travel situations, plus tips on enjoying an active and creative vacation, traveling with children, and traveling if you are physically handicapped.
Words, phrases and information on food and dining, the Russian people and their culture, renting a car, getting medical help in cases of illness or accident, and much more. Filled with cross-cultural tips Features a Russian-English and English-Russian glossary plus a brief overview of Russian grammar. Color photos and color-coded pages give you quick reference to specific topics.

In-Flight Russian: Learn Before You Land

Living Language of “In-Flight Russian” is the perfect boarding pass to learning Russian before you land. There’s no better way to make use of all that spare time on a plane than to master the essentials of a language. This 60-minute program is the simplest way to learn just enough to get by in every situation essential to both the tourist and business traveler. The program covers everything from greetings and polite expressions to asking directions, getting around, checking into a hotel, and going to a restaurant. There are even sections for meeting people and spending a night on the town. Short lessons make “In-Flight Russian” easy to use, and a handy pocket-sized insert is included as a cheat sheet for use on the go.

Passport to Russian (Berlitz Travel Companions)

  This unique guide emphasizes development of acccent, vocabulary, and communication for every situation, includes a dictionary of over 1,400 terms, plus a special “Point to the Answer” section which allows non-English speaking Russians to merely point to the information needed. Organized by topic for easy reference.

Russian (Eyewitness Travel Guides Phrase Books)

  Quick, easy-to-use and a perfect size to fit in your pocket, this work is organized by subjects such as everyday phrases, hotels, and travelling around. It uses a simple system of imitated pronunciation.

Russian at a Glance: Phrase Book and Dictionary for Travelers

  A great companion for international travelers to Russia, this handy, pocket-size bilingual “At a Glance”  phrasebook is designed for tourists and business travelers who lack time to learn Russian but need common words and phrases to help them get around in an Russia. The phrasebook holds more than 1500 expressions that travelers need for making themselves understood in hotels, airports, train stations, restaurants, and other places they’re likely to visit. The book also contains an additional 2,000-word bilingual dictionary, plus travel tips, driving tips, simplified maps of major cities, and more.

Russian Travel Made Easier: Advice for Friends

  This is a travel guide and a reference book written by two Russians who have lived in America for the past decade. It is based on the authors’ personal travel experiences. During their frequent visits home, many of their American friends came along and helped them to discover Russia as the visitors see it. The authors realized that what comes naturally to a native Russian could be a hindrance for tourists. These personal accounts also opened their eyes to the kind of advice that would be the most valuable. Having done an extensive research the authors offer a list of useful websites, travel books and helpful hints on: How to Get to Russia; Companies to Contact; How to Stay Connected With Your Relatives and Friends While You Are There; What Questions to Ask When You Are Renting an Apartment; Where to Go for Memorable Souvenirs; Where to Enjoy Authentic Russian Food; Hospital and Clinics for Overseas Visitors. The book helps to plan a trip to Russia taking as much frustration out of the planning as possible.
  Russian authors present an insiders’ view of Russia for independent travelers. Find friendly tips to smooth travel frustrations. Numerous researched websites will help you to plan an unforgettable adventure.

Russian Travel Talk

  “TravelTalk” presents a simplified language survival system for travelers. Includes a 60-minute audio CD in both English and target language and a fold out audio guide transcript of the 300 essential words and phrases most frequently needed while traveling, developed by Penton’s foreign language specialists. Also included is ‘Lonely Planet’s’ comprehensive phrasebook plus 2-way dictionary with thousands of additional words and phrases This combination will help ensure that travelers will arrive and survive… and enjoy communicating with native speakers.

The Rough Guide to Moscow

  “The Rough Guide to Moscow” is the insider’s handbook to Russia’s fastest-changing city. The guide includes extensive coverage of all the sights, from the Kremlin cathedrals and palaces to Stalin skyscrapers and the KGB museum. There are lively reviews of the best places to stay, eat and drink, plus the low-down on the ballet, concert-going and clubbing. Coverage is also given to nearby attractions including Lenin’s estate, the medieval town of Suzdal and the Trinity Monastery. This new edition also includes a full-colour introduction with over 30 photos of the best activities and sights Moscow has to offer. Finally there is informed background on Moscow’s history, politics and culture, from Ivan the Terrible to Putin and Tchaikovsky to Tatu.

The Rough Guide to Russian Dictionary Phrasebook

  “The Rough Guide” phrasebook will have you speaking Russian as soon as you arrive. This fully-revised third edition includes 16-pages of additional scenario material, from asking for directions and paying the restaurant bill to checking local train times and ordering a shot of vodka. Recorded by native speakers, the scenarios are available as downloadable audio files either to your computer or iPod — perfect for practising your pronunciation. With A-Z English to Russian and A-Z Russian to English translations, this pocket-sized phrasebook is like taking along your own personal translator!

The Rough Guide To St. Petersburg

  Make the most of your time with “The Rough Guide to St Petersburg”, the ultimate guide to this beautiful city. The full-colour section introduces St Petersburg’s highlights, from world-class ballet and opera at the Mariinskiy Theatre to the gilded mosaics of the Church of the Saviour on the Blood. The guide takes a detailed look at Russian history, literature and cultural life with expert background on everything from the superlative art collection of the Hermitage and the city’s spectacular Imperial palaces to snowmobiling in Karelia. There are plenty of practical tips and information on all the best accommodation, transportation and restaurants and lively reviews of hundreds of shops, bars and clubs. Discover every corner of St. Petersburg with the clearest maps of any guide.