PUZZLE - The Unknown Woman (Russian Museum)

  Consists of 1500 pieces. “The Unknown Woman” is a reproduction of a picture by the Russian artist Ivan Kramskoy (State Tretyakov Gallery). The well-known portrait of a mysterious unknown woman enjoys great popularity to this very day. Haughtiness, beauty, and a mysterious sadness of expression, the mastery of the artist - all of this makes up the inexplicable magic of the portrait

Russian Roulette

  Enter this game as a player, and you might come out a Tzar! For the first time, you can play Russian Roulette without worrying about the consequences. The Tzar is the banker, and players each receive 20 chips worth a total of $20,000.00! They play these, against the Tzar, by placing their chips on various sections of the board. The Tzar shuffles the deck and turns up a winning card. And the winner takes in anything from double to 24 times his bet. If you use the “revolver” you have a chance of winning-or being removed from the game.

Russian Style Chess Set

  Create an heirloom and start a new tradition! Unlike other gifts, a chess set will last for years, and can be passed along from generation to generation. This is an elegant 15” Russian style chess set, one of our most popular ones, including a beautiful burl wood, black and grey board with black stained/Kari wood, hand polished, hand carved pieces. This set is so gorgeous, it is recommended to leave out as a centerpiece on your coffee table! Beautiful craftsmanship!