Faberge Style Russian Wooden Egg

  This beautiful and hard-to-find collectible wooden egg set was handmade in Central Russia. It includes the egg itself and the wooden stand for it, signed by the artist. The egg features authentic Russian ornaments. Height: 12 cm, including stand. This is a unique item that is a great gift idea for anyone.

Khohloma Wooden Decorative Box

These handsomely carved boxes with intricate floral pattern will amazes you by the acuracy of lines and originality of painting. All elements of the boxes are hand painted with a gold tone ecologically clean paint, black color and accented with a contrasting red berry style. Khokhloma items are waterproof and heat resistant.

Khokhloma Candleholder Set

  This candle holder set is ideal for both everyday use and entertaining. Both items are hand painted throughout with a gold tone ecologically clean paint, black color and accented with a contrasting red berry style. After paint is applied and dry, each item is baked in a traditional Russian brick oven and final layer of high gloss clear lacquer is applied. Khokhloma items are waterproof and heat resistant, which makes them not only useful at any kitchen, but also very popular around the world. Bring piece of colorful Russian fairytale to your reality by ordering one of our sets today.

Nesting Doll Magnets

  This beautiful refrigerator magnet was hand painted in Central Russia. It has an unique shape that looks like a nesting doll. It also has a small magnet located on the back. Materials: lime wood, water based paint, glossy lacquer finish, magnet. Each item is about 2.45”.

Russian Art Metal Cigarette Case / ID Holder / Wallet

  A great product meant to last a lifetime! Paintings by a Russian prisoner of war artist Egon Schiele. An amazing metal case that holds credit or ID cards, business cards, or cigarettes. It measures 4 x 3 inches x 1/2 inch deep. A high quality design meant to last a lifetime. It snaps closed for added protection against loss and weather. The high gloss sheen will not fade and is easy to clean.

Russian Flag Fridge Magnet

  This is a refrigerator magnet depicting the flag of Russia. It is approximately 3"x2”. This is a quality piece that would make a nice gift or a great way to show your colors on your fridge.

Russian Icon (Saint George the Victorious)

  A religous icon blessed from Russia of St. George killing the dragon. Size: 8 X 7.5. This icon were crafted in Sofrino, a town not far from Moscow. There is a small factory there with a lot of artists whose work received the full blessings of The Partiach of the Whole Russia Alexii. It works officially for the Russian Orthodox Church since 1980. This factory recreates the art destiny of Russia accumulated throughout more that a thousand years.

Russian Lacquer Box-Papier-mache

  Original hand-made papier-mâché box with Lacquer paintings and extensive ornaments from Mstera, Russia. The miniatures follow the artistic and technical tradition of icon-painting in Mstera. Signed by artist. Size: 3 1/4"H x 5 1/4"W x 3 3/4"D; Weight: 8 oz; Color: Black, Red

Russian Lacquer Box-Papier-mache

  Hand-made papier-mâché lacquer box with a unique color. Masterly painted miniature follows the tradition of Fedoskino lacquer artistry. Inlaid gold and silver lend the miniature a fine translucent effect. Depicts a Russian tale. Signed. “Lovers and the Apple Tree” Size: 1 1/4"H x 4 1/8"W x 2"D; Weight: 6 oz; Color: Red, Beige

Russian Lacquer Boxes Fairy Tales (Skazki “Alenky tsvetochek”)

  This series of small inexpensive lacquer boxes were painted on motives of Russian folk tales. This lacquer box describes Russian folk tale “Scarlet Flower”. In spite of small size the box is painted with details. The box is painted on papier-mache base by tempera paints, and finely finished with special lacquer. The cover of the is attached with tiny lead. The box can be used as a case of a ring (or rings) - this is really good idea to present a ring in such box

Russian Nesting Dolls Decorative Night Light

  Handcrafted in the USA to the highest standards using licensed materials with great individual care and attention to detail. We are certain that you will be completely delighted and satisfied with our product. All purchased Items will arrive via USPS and a the tracking # will be sent to you.

Russian Political Poster Frigde Magnet

  The magnet is a copy of the famous USSR poster of 1920. It says: “Did you sign as a volonteer?” and it is sure to make your refrigerator look really cool! A cheap and easy way to surprise your friends and guests.

Russian Political Propaganda Poster (Efficient service is respected!)

  These colorful stylish poster will definitely become an attraction at your apartment as soon as you hang it on the wall. It depicts the original poster of the Soviet times and brightly conveys the ideology of that period.

Russian Santa (Jim Shore Heartwood Creek)

  This is a wonderful figurine of Russian Santa with a staff in one hand and a traditional Russian Doll in the other. On his skirt is a traditional Russian scene. 7 inches high.

Wall Clock 100% Authenthic Khokhloma Painting “Spring”

  This wall clock made in the best traditions khokhloma painting will be an excellent interior decoration. Thanks to the skills of their craft can present as a memorable and original gift or souvenir.

Wooden Magnet - Russian Tea

  These wooden Russian tea magnets are very colorful and detailed. The hand painted Samovar or Tea Pot will compliment any workplace. Each one is different, so please allow us to make the selection for you.